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Our History

Marshallville Packing Company
EST. 1960


When Frank and Jeanette Tucker opened Marshallville Packing Company in 1960, they had no idea of the success the business would achieve. Before purchasing the existing facility in Marshallville, Frank learned the industry inside and out working with larger meat processors and slaughterhouses. After 13 years, Frank put everything he had on the line to open his own business. He worked tirelessly to provide for his family, mastering his craft and creating recipes that would be handed down for generations; recipes and processes that are still used today.

At first Marshallville Packing only sold to area stores and businesses, but as word spread that Marshallville had good meat, Marshallville Packing opened a small retail counter. Jeanette who at the time that Marshallville Packing was founded was as registered nurse decided that as the business grew she need to retire from nursing to help at the store along side her family. Every day she would cook meals for everyone on a hot plate, some worker's decided that the meal alone was worth coming to work for!



Founders; Frank & Jeanette Tucker

A real family affair, Frank and Jeanette’s sons John and Terry grew up learning work ethic and the secrets of the trade from their parents. The business shaped their childhoods and, apart from attending college and serving in the military, they never left. As Frank was looking to retire, John and Terry stepped up and ran the business while keeping with tradition and raising the next generation of Tuckers.


Frank & Jeanette


Terry, Frank, Jeanette, and John Tucker from left to right


Terry Tucker                         


John Tucker

Like his father before him, Jim grew up in the business, he has early memories of sweeping floors, bagging groceries and watching his Dad, Uncle, and Grandpa work. Jim went to school before returning to Marshallville in the mid 90's, he started at the slaughterhouse in Orrville, but transitioned back to the Marshallville facility when Tucker Packing was sold.


When Jim took over, traditions remained the same. Marshallville Packing Company welcomes custom ordering and do everything within their power to deliver quality meats, regardless of the season or situation. We partner with local farms to provide the best product possible.


Looking forward, Jim plans to continue to offer the best service and the highest quality meat to his customers as the fourth generation of Tuckers start in the business. He explains, “This business is run on faith, family, and integrity. We want to continue to give back in appreciation for all that God has given us and serve our customers to the very best of our abilities.”



Current President: Jim Tucker

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