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Deer Processing


We require a name, address, and tag number for all deer meat.

Trail Bologna

Plain $3.25/lb.

Add Cheese $.50/lb.

Snack Sticks

Mild $4.75/lb.

Spicy $4.75/lb.

Hot & Spicy $4.75/lb.

Add Cheese $.50/lb.

Hot Dogs

JUMBO Hot Dogs $4.89/lb.

Add Cheese $.50/lb.

Smoked Sausage

Country Style Regular $3.89/lb.

Country Style Hot $3.89/lb.

Bulk Fresh Sausage

Regular $2.89/lb.

Sweet Italian $2.89/lb.

Hot Italian $2.89/lb.

Sandwich Bologna


Large Roll Weighs 7#

Summer Sausage

Plain $3.25/lb.

Add Cheese $.50/lb.

Ground Deer

Ground Deer $.89/lb.

Add Pork Trim $2.69/lb.

Add Beef Trim $4.49/lb.


All meat will come in bulk packaging unless otherwise stated.

Vacuum Sealed .59/lb.

Cheddar or Jalapeno

.50/lb. additonal charge for cheese

Cheese Options:

We ONLY process venison that has been cleaned and boned

Marshallville Packing reserves the right to inspect and reject any meat.

30% pork trim (or beef) is added to all products unless you specify otherwise.

Marshallville Packing also processes other game, including: wild boar, moose, elk, and fish. Pricing is the same for any wild game.

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